The simplest way to send promotional gifts to your customers.

  • Send gifts to your customers, even if you don’t have their physical address.
  • Powerful customer management panel and API for sending.
  • We handle creating products, obtaining addresses, and shipping.
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We take the pain out of sending gifts to your customers.

A fast and powerful panel for sending gifts.

Simply type in the email addresses or twitter handles of the people you want to send schwag to. We’ll handle the rest.

You can even just @-reply them and include @GiftPush in the tweet — and we’ll route the gift to them.

Customers get a gift in their inbox or twitter feed.

After we verify their identity (either through email, or Twitter OAuth), customers provide their address in a secure form. Their gift is now on the way!

A dashboard to manage your recipients.

Put an end to endless email threads about addresses and shirt sizes. We do all the hard work of gathering information and shipping out the goods.

Of course, you’ll still have access to all this information in our gifts dashboard.